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Self-loading and Mixing Concrete Mixer Truck for Sale


With the continuous expansion of the scale of urban construction and the improvement of urban functions, urban building maintenance and municipal engineering construction will require a small volume of concrete mixing equipment, and the construction of mine tunnels also requires a small volume and low mixing truck. Self-loading and unloading, self-mixing, small square volume concrete mixer truck can reduce the labor intensity of workers, keeping the city clean and beautiful, and promoting the progress of project construction will play an extremely important role.

Camelway is a professional manufacturer of concrete mixing equipment. We have developed a patented self-loading and unloading mixer truck suitable for small-scale and small-volume concrete construction. Its characteristics are low chassis, low center of gravity, small horsepower, small volume, self-loading and unloading, and self-mixing. The advantage of this vehicle is that it is flexible and adaptable to the construction site. It does not need to be equipped with a mixing plant for self-mixing.

Automatic Mini Concrete Cement Mixer Car Factory

The concrete truck mainly includes the cab, chassis, drive system, hydraulic system, unloading and lifting cylinder, reducer, mixing tank, rotating frame, rotating disc, loading hopper, discharge hopper, dozer and other components.

The engine uses a four-cylinder four-stroke turbo engine with a rated power of 100. The transmission adopts a continuously variable hydrostatic closed circuit system driven by a variable pump, and is equipped with a double-displacement hydraulic motor to realize forward, reverse and variable speed. The mixing blade is pressed by a mold. The blade is smooth and has a uniform transition. The top of the mixing blade is welded with a steel protection strip to increase the service life of the blade and reduce the wear of the material. The material has good mixing effect, fast feeding and unloading, and uniform discharge. The energy consumption is low, and the materials with different slump can be fed and discharged uniformly.

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