14:47:32 PM 1/19, 2021

Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck for Road Construction


Small automatic loading concrete mixer truck is very popular in road construction. The mixer truck integrates loading, mixing, transportation and unloading. It is equivalent to a small mobile concrete mixing station. It is convenient, practical and simple to operate.

The small automatic loading concrete mixer has the characteristics of personalized design such as narrow body, short wheelbase and small turning radius.

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It has a strong advantage in working environment with limited height, width and length. For projects with relatively narrow construction roads, the mixing tank of the small automatic loading concrete mixer can rotate 270 °, and the machine can realize multi-angle discharge without moving the spot, so it is very suitable for road repair and road pavement use. Not only is the operation process convenient, but also labor-saving. In addition, some foreign customers also use automatic feeding mixers to repair the yard.

During road construction, many roads are only 3.5 meters wide, and many large vehicles are inconvenient to walk, but small automatic loading mixers can not only come and go freely, but also reduce a lot of labor. It should have required a lot of labor to load, unload, transport material back and forth and paved the road, but after using a small automatic loading mixer, only one person needs to operate the machine, 2-3 people can pave the road. The project saves at least two-thirds of labor. 

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