15:40:49 PM 3/6, 2021

Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck for Sale in Maldivian


Recently, the Maldivian customer successfully received the 4 cubic self-loading mixer truck, which has already started business. The client is from Canada. He has been contracting small and medium-sized projects in the Maldives for many years. He is mainly engaged in road construction, as well as projects such as flooring and trench slope protection. With the development of his business, he wants ti buy a Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck.

After many comparisons, he decisively chose the Camelway self-load mixer truck. Due to the virus, he failed to test drive at the factory, but the sales manager of Camelway showed him the detailed operation of the mixer truck through the network video screen.

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As soon as he got the self load mixer truck, he couldn't wait to drive it to the construction site. With a series of watering, cementing, sanding, and stones, the mixer truck started the mixing process. Ten minutes later, a continuous stream of concrete was directly discharged from the discharge port to the construction site.

Looking at a lot of thick concrete, his face was full of joy. He told Camelway ’s sales manager, “It ’s 30 square meters in less than 2 hours. I ’m relieved to see this efficiency. Nothing to scared about. Delay in progress? No way !"

At present, like the Maldives customer there are many clients who are eager to rush to work, Camelway's orders for mixers have surged. In order to deliver the mixers to customers as soon as possible, the staff is working overtime in production to ensure that they could be put into use as soon as possible.

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