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Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck Works Well in Mountain Area


Camelway has been engaged in concrete machinery for nearly 40 years. According to statistical data analysis, there are a large number of equipment used in mountain road construction, bridge construction, building construction and other engineering projects.

Three difficulties faced by mountain construction

1. Insufficient power

For mixers that require electricity, the role they can play in mountain areas is minimal, delaying the project.

2. Remote location

The construction site in the mountainous area is unconvenient, and it is far from the commercial mixing stations, and the cost of commercial and mixed use is high.

3. Complex environment

The mountain road is steep, and there are endless turns. Even if there are commercial concrete mixing plants nearby, this difficult road environment is also a huge test for commercial concrete transport vehicles. After all, commercial concrete mixer trucks can basically only travel in urban villages and towns. 

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Self-loading mixer truck construction advantages, which work well in mountain area.

1. High efficiency without electricity

As a diesel-driven mechanical equipment, the automatic loading mixer is equipped with an engine, which is full of power and has quick and sensitive hydraulic action. The loading uses an automatic weighing sensor that controls the amount of raw materials. From loading to unloading, an average of one tank of material is only needed 12 minutes.

2. Unfear remoteness, can stir up in transporting, high practicality

Even in remote areas, there is no difficulty for the self-loading mixer, because it is a small hard-core concrete mixing plant. It can mix concrete as much as it needed. 

3. Born for complex environment, high safety

Each generation of mixer truck is born according to the actual needs of the project, and each mixer truck has gone through many actual inspections before leaving the factory. The patented articulated body can turn flexibly in the mountain transportation, not afraid of ring roads. The compact body is designed according to the principles of ergonomics, equipped with four-wheel drive, stable climbing, high safety, designed for engineering in complex environments to born to provide enough concrete.

4. Low cost and great return

In the case of continuous projects, the equipment cost can be recovered in less than one year. Because it can save a lot of expenditure on labor expenses and raw material costs, and the subsequent return is quite large. Many users have already repurchased one after another, and the purchased mixer can form a fleet.

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