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12 Types of Faults of Sand Making Machines

2020-06-288Thomas Huang

As the core equipment for producing artificial sand, sand making machine is widely used in smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries. In the production process of sand making machine, problems will inevitably occur. If it can't be solved in time, it will directly affect the economic benefits. Especially nowadays, when sand mining is prohibited and sand prices are soaring, if the failure cannot be repaired in time, it will bring more losses. Today, Xiaobian shares some common faults and solutions that may be encountered during the production process of the sand making machine. It is collected in advance and can be resolved quickly when encountered.
The sand machine produces abnormal vibration
 cause of issue:
Excessive wear of transmission bearings;
 Incomplete gear meshing or severe damage;
 Loose connection bolts or large gear connection bolts.
Adjust the gear clearance;
 Replace worn bearings or gear parts;
 Retighten the anchor loose bolt.
Motor power is unstable
 cause of issue:
The main bearing of the sand making machine has poor lubricity, reduced flexibility, loose feeder, excessive discharge concentration, serious wear of gears and horizontal cylinder lining or equipment motor circuit failure may cause the power supply of the sand making machine motor to be unstable .
Lubricant should be added to the rotating bearing in time, the worn gear and lining device should be adjusted and replaced, and the motor circuit should be repaired to eliminate equipment failure.
The sand maker produces a strong impact sound
 cause of issue:
When foreign matter is mixed between gears or loose gears are used in the sand making machine, the equipment will produce a strong impact sound. This phenomenon will also occur when the rotating bearings or the link bolts on the foundation are loose.
At this time, it is necessary to stop and check, remove the foreign objects and replace the worn gears, and tighten the connecting bolts.
The main bearing is overheated and abnormal
The main bearing is an important part of equipment work. When the bearing is installed, the bearing must be installed correctly. Impurities must not enter the bearing. The amount of sand should not be too much or too little. The main bearing should be regularly lubricated and cleaned to avoid the main bearing for a long time. Overheating or power failure when working under heavy load.
The temperature of the upper and lower bearings of the sand making machine will be too high
When the instrument of the sand machine shows that the bearing temperature exceeds the standard, it should be stopped and checked. The reasons for the excessive temperature are as follows:
(1) The motor is overloaded for a long time;
(2) The main bearing is damaged. The operator should pay attention to the sound when the bearing is running. If the sound changes, especially when the sound is low and muffled, it indicates that the bearing has deteriorated;
(3) Lack of bearing grease;
(4) The grease drain groove is blocked, causing the pressure in the bearing box to increase, causing the grease to fail.
1) Appropriately reduce the motor load.
2) Replace damaged bearings.
3) Fill with grease.
4) Unblock the grease drain.
The vibration value of the sand making machine is too large
The upper limit of the setting value of the vibration switch of the sand making machine has an extremely important role in protecting the equipment. When the vibration of the sand making machine reaches a certain limit, the power of the motor can be cut off through the vibration switch for protection. The reasons for the excessive vibration of the sand making machine are as follows:
1) The rotor has a throwing head damaged or the rotor has uneven wear;
2) Uneven material accumulation in the rotor;
3) The vibration damping pad is damaged;
4) Loose rotor or pulley cone sleeve;
5) The main bearing is damaged;
 6) The bolts are loose.
1) Check the rotor wear and replace the corresponding throwing head;
2) Stop to check the material accumulation in the rotor and adjust the feed speed;
3) Replace the vibration damping pad;
4) Fasten the pulley sleeve;
5) Replace the main bearing;
6) Tighten loose bolts.
The equipment is not running smoothly and the body swings too much
 cause of issue:
1) The wearing parts on the impeller are seriously worn;
2) The feed size is too large;
3) There are obstructions in the impeller flow path, which makes the feeding uneven and swings.
1) Replace the wearing parts and make the impeller in the sand making machine reach balance;
2) Strictly control the feeding particle size, and cannot exceed the maximum value allowed by the equipment;
3) Take out the obstruction on the impeller flow channel, and often clean the crushing chamber.

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