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2020 Machine Sand Development Several Major Trends

Thomas Huang posted this article in July 14, 2020

Sandstone is one of the important raw materials for infrastructure construction. With the exhaustion of natural sand, river sand and other resources and the government's increased control over mining, the replacement of natural sand with machine-made sand has become an inevitable trend in the development of the industry. The sand and gravel industry is also developing towards standardization and environmental protection.
1. The development direction of green and environmental protection in the sand and stone industry remains unchanged
For sandstone companies, environmental protection has become the primary prerequisite for survival and development. In the past many years, the government has repeatedly mentioned that development and construction must be green and sustainable, and that we must be firm and take the new path of ecological priority and green development. In addition, the environmental protection requirements of sand and stone quarrying and logistics transportation are gradually increasing. In 2020, adherence to environmental protection will become an ecological red line that sand and stone companies must never touch, and green environmental protection will also become the future development direction of the sand and stone industry.
2. Accelerated entry of large enterprises and intensified competition in the sand and stone industry
In recent years, as the profit margin of the building materials industry has been squeezed, the market demand for infrastructure and other markets is still huge, and the importance of mineral resources has become increasingly prominent. From the perspective of the current industry development trend, the sand and aggregate industry has shown stability in a specific period The market demand and huge market profits are attracting more large enterprises to accelerate their entry. At the same time, the barriers to entry for the construction of sand and gravel mines have also been raised significantly with the entry of large capital groups. In 2020, in the game of many capital giants, the competition in the sand and stone industry will become more intense.
3. The demand for sand and gravel continues to expand in infrastructure projects
In 2020, the country proposes to increase the strength of the infrastructure shortcomings, local government bonds, and infrastructure projects in various places are fully accelerated, large-scale infrastructure investment will maintain stable market demand for a certain period of time, and the demand for sand and aggregate Only high.
4. River sand mining restricted mechanism sand ushered in development opportunities
At present, the mining of natural river sand is prohibited and restricted, and the market demand is strong, resulting in an imbalance between the supply and demand of the construction sand market.

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