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Concrete Machine for Sale in Sri Lanka


Concrete machinery refers to the equipment that used for storage, production, mixing, and transportation of concrete, such as cement silos, concrete mixing plants, concrete mixer trucks, self-loading mixers, concrete pumps, etc. Concrete machinery is widely used in various large, medium and small construction sites, which is an indispensable engineering machinery for engineering projects

What is a concrete storage facility?

The cement silo is the equipment for storing cement, which is an important part of the concrete mixing plant. There are bolted silo and integrated silo, both of them are vertical silos, horizontal cement silos are also existed. The cement silos of special large-scale engineering projects need to be customized and installed on site.

What is concrete mixing equipment?

The common concrete mixing equipment is a concrete mixer, which has a double shaft mixer, a vertical shaft mixer, a tipping bucket mixer and so on. The purpose of the mixer is to fully mix cement, sand, fly ash, additives, water, etc. to produce high-quality concrete. As the core component of the concrete mixing plant, the concrete mixer often determines the quality of the entire batching plant. The most well known mixer is the sicoma mixer.

concrete plant

What is concrete transportation equipment?

One of the most common concrete transportation equipment is the concrete pumps, concrete pumps are divided into trail concrete pumps and concrete pump trucks. One is used to lay concrete slab for foundations and floors, and the other is used to transport concrete for high-rise walls.

Concrete mixer truck is a common concrete transportation machine, which is often used to transport fresh concrete to nearby construction sites. It is an essential facility for commercial concrete mixing plants. It is also commonly used to transport paving materials, in conjunction with mixer-less batching plant, to mix materials during transportation.

Self loading mixer truck is a popular small concrete mixing plant, it can load, mix and unload by itself. It has strong mobility and can climb downhills and ditches, especially suitable for areas with limited construction area such as mountainous areas.

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