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What Are the Indispensable Configurations of A Large Concrete Mixing Plant?


The large-scale commercial concrete plant, like the general concrete commercial concrete plant, is mainly composed of 5 major systems including the mixing host, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system and control system and other auxiliary facilities. Industrial control computer system is also adopted, which can be operated automatically or manually. Simple and convenient, the computer dynamic panel in the control room of the commercial concrete plant displays the running status of each component in real time, and can store various data, print various reports as required, and store more than hundreds of thousands of formulas.

In addition to the five systems mentioned above, what other configurations are indispensable for large-scale commercial concrete stations?

concrete mixing plants

The control room of the large-scale commercial concrete plant is equipped with air-conditioning, because it can ensure the durability of the electrical components, stable and continuous performance, and the control system of the large-scale commercial concrete plant adopts two methods. It is composed of industrial computers, one as the main control production system, and the other as the management and monitoring system as the backup machine of the main control production machine, which has manual and automatic functions as the main control machine. Data sharing between the control machine and the management machine of the commercial concrete plant, the control machine can be switched to the management machine when it fails to ensure the continuous normal operation of the system to the greatest extent. The other uses an industrial computer rack to accompany the chat control instrument composition, that is, the batching control instrument data is input into the industrial computer, and the direct signal is output through the board or PLC programmable controller to ensure the continuous normal operation of the system.

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