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What is a Bucket Concrete Batching Plant


HZS series concrete mixing plants are divided into bucket mixing plants and belt mixing plants according to different feeding methods. Bucket elevators are used to transport and handle aggregate materials, also known as vertical elevators. This equipment is widely used in agricultural and industrial equipment. It is designed in a standardized and modular manner and can transport wet and dry solid bulk materials vertically, especially in conventional conveyors are not enough, the slope is too large or inclined, it is an ideal equipment for conveying materials with higher heights.

How does the bucket elevator work?

For most of the transportation equipment, the operation process and principle of the bucket elevator are very simple.

  1. First, put the bulk cargo in the hopper.
  2. Subsequently, the bucket gradually collects the load from the hopper or through a dredging process.
  3. The bucket is lifted by a conveyor belt and fixed on these conveyor belts. The movement of the belt is attributed to a geared motor that transports the bucket and its bulk cargo to the top.
  4. After reaching the highest point, the bucket itself will unload due to the centrifugal force generated by the belt.

bucket batching plant

Camelway is a professional mixing plant manufacturer with 37 years of experience, able to customize facilities and retrofit equipment. The basis for our design and manufacture of customized mixing plants is as follows:

Available space scheduled for placing the mixing plant

  1. Final application of concrete
  2. Concrete quality and production needs for each situation
  3. If you need concrete equipment, please contact us
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