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Automatic Concrete Plant, Automatic Concrete Plant Working Process


A fully automatic concrete plant is a concrete mixing plant controlled by a computer to run automatically.
Before the production of concrete, a certain amount of aggregate (sand, gravel, etc.) is stored in the hopper according to the concrete formula. At the same time, large amounts of cement must first be stored in silos. Water supply must also be ensured. Power plants run on electricity. The dosage can vary depending on the type of concrete to be prepared. Once all the conditions are met, the control center operator will perform various operations on his computer.

automatic batching plant

  1. Hopper level equipment weighs the amount of sand and gravel. Then, the measured amount of aggregate is poured into the mixer through a belt conveyor.
  2. The amount of cement required is also calculated and poured into the mixer. The weighing equipment weighs a certain amount of cement and then pours it into the mixer through a screw conveyor.
  3. Then measure the volume of water and other auxiliary agents, pour into the mixer.
  4. In this way, all materials are transported to the mixer, and the production is fully automated and managed by the computer. Therefore, the dosage of each component is based on the selected formula.
  5. Finally, the fresh concrete is loaded into a rotating mixer truck to ensure the consistency of the mixture to be transported to the site.

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