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What is Affect on the Construction Industry After COVID-19 ?

2020-06-101Thomas Huang

Prefabricated buildings have obvious advantages over traditional cast-in-place methods, which is the inevitable development direction of the construction industry in the future.

What is the Affect of the COVID-19 on the construction industry ?

1. Transformation of technology to traditional construction industry
    BIM, GIS, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, Internet of Things, robotics and other technologies will bring huge changes to the traditional construction industry. Digital architecture will build buildings from design to operation and maintenance. Digital design, ownership, establishment, and supply chain to create new data synergies will have more efficient, better, and more collaborative platforms for construction services.
    The construction industry accounts for 16% of GDP and has a great impact on the national economy. Under the new normal that the total volume is no longer growing rapidly, the traditional business and profit-making model will be challenged, and the original interest pattern will change; despite the uncertainties in the external market, the construction industry is still China’s pillar industry and the “Belt and Road Initiative” "The core support of China's construction.
    In order to speed up the transformation of the enterprise, the garden construction company has given new construction and organization methods. Through the brand effect, attract and drive other small and medium-sized enterprises to settle in, and promote the clustering of upstream and downstream clusters in the industrial chain. Realize the benefit model driven by garden construction companies and lead the transformation and upgrading of regional industries. The collection of multiple industrial resources has shaped the strategic layout of "Internet + construction, finance + construction, investment + construction", promoted the innovation and development of "all corners" industries, and led the economic transformation and upgrading. Learn more about searching Chongqing Jianyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
    2. Prefabricated buildings: the general trend
    The assembly type is the inevitable direction of the future development of the construction industry. The assembly efficiency is high, the precision is high, and it is green and environmentally friendly (less construction waste), which can greatly reduce the artificial dependence. Prefabricated buildings refer to buildings assembled on site by prefabricated parts. Precast concrete structures (PC), steel structures (PS), and wooden structures are the three main forms of prefabricated buildings. The situation of standardized design → factory production → prefabricated construction adopted in prefabricated buildings determines that it is superior to traditional construction in many aspects, and solves and avoids many difficulties faced by the current traditional construction sites. At present, the container movable board house model adopted by the "Fire God Mountain" and "Raytheon Mountain" hospitals under the supervision of the entire cloud network is just one of the prefabricated buildings, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

  China's prefabricated construction has gone through a trial and trough stage. Now with the increase in labor costs, the improvement and development of technology, and the vigorous support of national policies, it has entered a stage of rapid development. In recent years, national policies have tilted towards prefabricated buildings, and the introduction of relevant policies has become more frequent and practical. As early as 2012, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development proposed that green buildings account for more than 30% of new buildings in 2020; the technical standards for the three major systems of prefabricated buildings were released in January 2017; the "13th Five-year" prefabricated buildings were released in March 2017 "Action Plan" and supporting management measures, the promotion of prefabricated buildings to the actual action plan, clearly proposed that prefabricated buildings accounted for more than 15% of new buildings in 2020, of which more than 20% in key areas, and assembly in 2025 The construction of new buildings accounts for 30% of new buildings.

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