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What Is the Development Trend of the Construction Industry

2020-06-102Thomas Huang

We  have many discussions before, including the direction of development of the construction industry, but this epidemic is quite special, because after the development of this COVID-19, many of the issues we discussed before no longer exist. What does it mean? We had a lot of thinking about the construction industry before, including people, channels, trends, and development directions. This COVID-19 has brought all of us out of the water, and we can all see it. So I started to talk about this matter based on the characteristics of this COVID-19
  We, Camelway, are construction machinery manufacturers. After the COVID-19, I paid special attention to the construction sites of several projects. They have a cross-year requirement. In the process of resuming work, I wanted to help them understand the characteristics of the new coronavirus. It will coexist for a long time, and the infection period will become stronger, but the toxicity will become weaker and weaker.
  Based on thinking about the current construction model, this industry is labor-intensive, with high communication costs and low efficiency. Thinking from the epidemic situation, the traditional intensive decoration industry is not suitable for blindly starting work under the epidemic situation, because it is indeed prone to infection, including poor sanitary conditions. Although it has been a long time, because I am an engineer who has come from the frontline of the construction site, my personal experience is that there has not been much improvement in the overall status quo of the construction site for so many years, but the employment cost and the number of labor have produced a lot. Changes, so based on the epidemic situation, I started to share with you many of the issues that we had previously inspected and considered today.

1. From real estate to infrastructure, from domestic to foreign countries, from one field to the entire field, from EPC to PPP, from a single enterprise to industrial towns, from sales to self-owned properties, the construction industry is shifting to multiple industries and regions, and more Multi-business development; it can be seen that leading companies in various construction industries are paying close attention to comprehensive layout and diversified development, and promoting the emergence of specialization. All professional fields require professional enterprises to provide services and coexist with diversity and specialization. This will enable the industry to develop towards two different depths of T-shaped development.

2. Data is the ability
    Starting in 2019, the application of architecture and big data is shrinking and shrinking these multiple failures; artificial intelligence has triggered a new round of competition around the world, data functions have been redefined, and this series of changes continues. Digital technology will also continue to penetrate all aspects of architecture, completely change the way buildings interact with buildings and buildings, and break the boundaries between real buildings and virtual buildings in the new economic model.
    3. Financial ability and operational vitality
    For a long time in the past, based on the rapid development of the organization, many organizations continue to rely on the growth rate to find new opportunities in new markets, new resources, and to achieve the organization’s goal of pursuing rapid development; when this speed begins When slowing down or slowing down, the original broad development will work towards good development. In addition, the actual construction is finance. When capital becomes an important resource in the industry, financial capacity and cash flow will become important indicators for evaluating the quality of enterprises. The industry was originally of various qualifications, and the country will continue to weaken the standard in the near future; this more complex and longer-lasting test requires the company to continue to maintain business vitality.
    4. The importance of qualification and qualification of enterprise credit system
    Replace the original enterprise qualification through enterprise credit assessment, and replace the enterprise credit through the application of future blockchain technology. At this time, the requirements for business operations and the establishment of an enterprise risk control system have been enhanced. Low-price bidding must include performance insurance and quality insurance, and the introduction of third-party services to strengthen supervision and accountability.
   5.Changes in labor and production relations
   The aging workforce and past demographic dividends have seen that the initial low cost of the construction industry has ceased to exist. From 2019, labor services will enter the social security system, and the original labor cost and labor income security methods will gradually change. Increasing productivity and reducing dependence on labor will become the future construction industry's ideas. Factory industrialization and field industrialization will break the balance and redefine production relations, which will become an important way to change the supply of labor.

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