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What is the Difference Foundation-Free With Traditional Fixed Concrete Batching Plant ?

Thomas Huang posted this article in September 22, 2020

How much is a set of basic mixing plants, and what is the difference with traditional fixed mixing plants? In today's market, a new type of mixing plants has appeared, namely basic mixing plants. Customers who know the mixing plant know that the traditional fixed mixing plant we usually use requires a certain depth of foundation to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment, while the basic mixing plant only requires a very shallow foundation. A foundation is used as the foundation and the ground is hardened at the same time. Compared with traditional mixing plants, installation and design can be eliminated, which greatly reduces the construction time.
Free basic mixing station is convenient for station construction and transportation
Due to its structural form, the basic mixing plant is only suitable for use in engineering projects, but not all projects are suitable. Please consider rationally when purchasing.

Free basic cocnrete mixing plant equipment model

  1. The foundation-free mixing plant adopts modular design and frame structure. All equipment is placed on the chassis of the steel frame structure to increase the stability and force area of the equipment. The disadvantage is that the overall weight of the equipment increases and the cost increases.
  2. is a link point between the equipment and the equipment, which can be folded at the specified point when transferring the site, which facilitates the transfer and transportation of the equipment, reduces the installation and disassembly time and transportation space of the equipment, and promotes the equipment to be assembled and assembled into production extremely quickly .
  3. The equipment of the basic mixing plant is the same as that of the traditional mixing plant, which is composed of js forced mixer, pld series batching machine, cement silo, screw conveyor, electrical system and water supply system, control room, etc. The equipment has high production efficiency and good mixing effect.
  4. The circuit system of the equipment adopts the form of quick-plug connectors, which effectively reduces the line layout and installation time of the equipment.
  5. The base frame of the basic mixing station can be designed and built in different forms according to the actual situation of the customer's equipment site. On the original basis, the environmental protection of the equipment is also guaranteed.
  6. Traditional fixed concrete mixing plant
  7. Compared with the traditional mixing plant, the equipment installation and construction of the basic mixing plant is simpler. It is built in the form of steel structure, which makes the transfer and installation more convenient and quick. It greatly reduces the installation time of the equipment and makes up for the fixed type. The shortcomings of the mixing plant increase the overall weight of the equipment, increase the difficulty of the transportation and movement of the mixing plant, and increase the transportation cost and equipment cost of the equipment. Therefore, the basic mixing plant is more expensive than the traditional fixed mixing plant. Many.
  8.  Camelway mixing plant manufacturers have two types of foundation-free mixing plants with belt conveyor type and lifting bucket feeding type. If you want to know more about the equipment details of the basic-free concrete mixing plant, please contact me and make a detailed equipment quotation for you. Detailed introduction.
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