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What is the Working Process of the Commercial Concrete Batching Plant


Large commercial concrete commercial concrete plant is to cooperate commercial concrete batching machine, cement warehouse, commercial concrete mixing machine, screw conveyor and other equipment to produce different grade commercial concrete through the control system. The following is the workflow of commercial concrete commercial concrete station.

Work process of large commercial concrete commercial concrete mixing plant:

1. HZS series commercial concrete plants are the primary series of commercial concrete commercial concrete stations and one of the most used commercial concrete stations. HZS series commercial concrete commercial concrete stations are based on the working principle of commercial concrete stations and are controlled by computer technology, through sensors, hardware circuits, I/O interface circuits, flashing panels, etc., real-time measurement and flashing of the working parameters of the commercial concrete station, control the implementation components, and complete the complete control of the commercial concrete station.

commercial cocnrete mixing plant

2. Working process, the aggregate (gravel, sand) is loaded into the storage bin of the batching plant by the loader, measured by the control system, and sent to the feeding and belt conveyor receiving hopper, and then the bone is taken by the feeding belt conveyor. The material is conveyed to the waiting hopper on the upper part of the mixer. Through the control system, the cement is transported from the cement silo to the cement weighing hopper via the screw conveyor, and the water and additives are transported from the liquid supply system to the water and additive weighing hopper. After all the materials have been weighed, open the pneumatic door of the waiting hopper, the pneumatic butterfly valve of the cement weighing hopper, the pneumatic butterfly valve of the fly ash weighing hopper, the pneumatic butterfly valve of the water weighing hopper, and the pneumatic ball valve of the additive weighing hopper in a certain order. Hopper vibrator, cement weighing hopper vibrator, fly ash weighing hopper vibrator, and water inlet pipe pressure pump make all materials enter the mixer and mix evenly by the commercial concrete mixer. After mixing, it enters the commercial concrete delivery truck through the discharge gate of the mixer through the discharge hopper to end a mixing cycle.

3. The large-scale commercial concrete batching plant adopts a rack-mounted chassis, and the mini-panel printer, control equipment, and electrical console are seamless, which improves the structure of the whole machine. Multiple commercial concrete plants can be controlled online, and the degree of automation is high, which greatly improves the scientific degree of mechanical equipment management and increases the production power of the commercial concrete plant company.

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