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How Much is a Concrete Plant


A concrete plant is a construction machine that mixes gravel sand, cement, water and additives. Store different cements and additives in silos and transport them to mixers. Aggregates (sand and gravel) are stored separately in the silo according to size, and after weighing, they are transported to the mixer through a belt conveyor or hopper. The additives are stored in the tank and connected to the central mixing unit via a positive displacement pump. All materials are delivered to the mixer.

The entire process of concrete produced by a concrete plant is fully automated and managed by a computer. The computer can store hundreds of concrete formulas, and the dosage of various components is based on the selected formula. After mixing, fresh concrete will be loaded into the mobile mixing truck according to its capacity or according to customer requirements. Through the computer in the control room, the operation of the entire mixing station can be monitored and the unexpected situation can be dealt with in time. Investors of the concrete mixing plant can also remotely control the progress of the project via mobile phones.

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Today, Camelway machinery has become a leader in the production of concrete plants in South Asia and is one of the largest exporters in 2019. All this is due to the quality and price of our concrete plants. The high quality and reasonable price of concrete plants are the reason why there are so much repeated cooperation between many customers and Camelway.

How much is the concrete plant ?

25-75m3/h skip batching plant is about 20000-50000usd, 75-240m3 stationary batching plant is about 40000-300000usd, contact us to get more details.

  1. 25m3 concrete plant: 20 to 25m3 per hour. Suitable for small projects such as self-built houses. This concrete plant has less investment and quick payback, and is very popular with customers who invest in concrete mixing plants for the first time.
  2. 35m3 concrete plant: 30 to 45 cubic meters per hour. We recommend it to those who have enough orders, it can fill up to 5 mixer trucks per hour. The structure is simple and the operation is convenient.
  3. Concrete plant of 60m3: the output per hour is between 55 and 60 cubic meters, there are two feeding methods of it, belt conveyor and hopper.
  4. 90 cubic meters of concrete plant: the output per hour is between 85 and 90 cubic meters, and it is mostly used for a specific project, such as road construction and bridge construction.
  5. 120 cubic meters of cocnrete mixing plant: producing 115 to 120 cubic meters per hour, mostly used in large projects to produce high-quality commercial concrete.

Fixed concrete mixing plants are often used on construction sites to provide a large amount of concrete, which can ensure that high-quality concrete is produced according to regulations without the risk of wrong ingredients. High-quality sensors and weighing systems allow large-scale stationary mixing plants to meet the requirements of high-spec projects. The huge size and efficient operation have made them long-time favorite of concrete contractors. Large-scale concrete mixing plants can usually work for more than 20 years. It is easy to change hands after the completion of the project.

cocnrete plant

Mobile concrete batching plant is a ready-mixed concrete production unit that can be moved to a construction site. Efficient mobile performance makes it save the route of the mixer truck, and also save the fuel of the mixer truck. The disadvantage is that you will always need a dynamic team to install and uninstall.

so which concrete plant do you like best ? Contact us to get more details.

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