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What should I pay attention to when buying a concrete mixer?

Angela posted this article in July 10, 2020

With the development of society, all walks of life have achieved good development, and the construction machinery industry is no exception, but many customers do not know what aspects they should pay attention to when choosing a concrete mixer? Here I note some details.

Concrete mixers can be divided into large, medium and small types of concrete mixers according to the size of the model. The size of the model refers to the size of the mixer. The large production is the large mixer, and the small production is the small mixer.

When purchasing a concrete mixer, in addition to distinguishing the size of the mixer, you should also pay attention to the following specific purchase considerations:

1. To produce high-quality concrete, it is necessary to select high-quality concrete mixer equipment. Quality is an important prerequisite for ensuring the production efficiency and quality of the mixer.

2. The suitable model of the concrete mixer should be selected according to the demand of the project, and it cannot be chosen blindly.

3. Mixer equipment with high degree of automation should be selected. Although the price of ordinary equipment is cheaper, the mixer consumes more manpower. In the long run, there is no fully automatic blender equipment with high cost performance.

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