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Which crusher is suitable for pebbles?

Angela posted this article in August 07, 2020

As a common building material, cobblestone has good application prospects in the building materials market due to its convenient mining and cheap raw materials.

The common river pebble crushers are mainly as follows:

1. Jaw crusher

The jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio and high crushing strength. It is mainly used for the coarse crushing of river pebbles. At present, the European version and ordinary jaw crushers are common.

2. Cone crusher

Cone crushers are used for medium or fine crushing of river pebbles. Commonly used are horizontal cone crushers, multi-cylinder cone crushers and full hydraulic cone crushers.

3. Sand making machine

The sand making machine is a device for fine crushing and rough grinding of pebbles. It can crush pebbles with a feed size of ≤30-≤55mm to about 30 meshes, which is better suited to the production needs of enterprises.

Since each type of crusher has a different model, each user's needs are also different, and can be customized according to user requirements. The specific price is subject to actual conditions. Services such as production line design and engineers on-site installation guidance can be provided.


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