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Belt Batching Plant

Belt Batching Plant

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Concrete mixing plant is the main equipment for producing concrete, with high production efficiency, high level of mechanization and automation, and is widely used in construction sites. Compared with Skip Batching Plant, Belt Batching Plant adapts the belt conveyor to transport, and it has a larger size and higher quality requirement.

Belt Batching Plant Features(60-540m³/h):

1. High-strength structural design

The structure of the whole station is reasonable and beautiful, installation and disassembly are quick, and transportation is convenient. With a variety of layouts, it can adapt to the requirements of different venues.

2. Excellent mixing source energy

The mixing host adopts a double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer, which has good mixing quality and high productivity. It can mix dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete in an ideal time.

3. Easy to control

The whole station adopts a computer control system, which can automatically guarantee the continuous production control of the system with a dynamic panel display, which can clearly understand the operation status of each part. The intuitive monitoring interface, which can clearly and accurately observe the on-site work process and manage the report printing.

4. Good dust removal effect

The concrete mixing plant adopts the dust removal design technology in the station that combines active dust removal and passive dust removal, which effectively solves the dust removal of the aggregate into the pre-feeding hopper and the powder ingredients, so that the dust pollution in the main station reaches the minimum.

5. Low energy consumption

The installed power is small, at the same time, the mixing amount is small, and a small amount of raw materials evenly enters the mixer and is easy to mix evenly. Low maintenance costs, fewer structural links, short belts, and stable work.

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