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Small Concrete Batching Plant

Small Concrete Batching Plant4.6Excellent

Camelway has successfully sold some batching plants over the South Asia, including Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Maldives and others, it has the full expenience to offer free solutions and install batching plants, if you want to get the price quote, or have any questiones about the batching plants, please feel free to contact us.


How do think of this machine?

Small Concrete Batching Plant, it means a smaller capacity &foot space, and a lower price. Normally, its output is no more than 60m³ per hour, and its largest standard foot space is 300m³. As other kind fo batching plants, it has one 60t cement silo, a twin shaft mixer, a batching machine with two or three bins, aggregate materials usually deliveried by a skip hoist, you can also choose a belt conveyor if you like.

Small Concrete Batching Plant is one of the best choices of the concrete business beginners, or other small and short term projects, such as self-houses building, home garden reconstruction and others. Besides, some clients also choose it to make concrete blocks for buildings and concrete slabs for drainage system.

Small Concrete Batching Plant for sale

It is one of the most favorite kinds of batching plants on the market, we can say there eight people finally bought small batching plant if there are ten people are looking batching plants. With most of the batching plant characteristic abilities, the small concrete plant has a more acceptable price and profit, that's why most people can't stop getting it, contact us to get yours

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