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Concrete Pump

Pump truck is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipe. It consists of pump body and delivery pipe. The ground pump is a concrete pumping and conveying device that is fixedly installed on the ground. It does not have a pipeline. It is also called a tow pump. Currently, it is basically driven by electricity and needs to be connected to another pipeline.

The sky pump has its own movable boom (there is a fixed pipe on the boom), because the boom can be freely extended and retracted, so within a certain range, the pump truck can be covered by remote control.

  • Concrete Pump with Mixer

    Concrete Pump with Mixer

    There are many types of concrete pumps in the industry at present, whether it is small to large, or it is suitable for highways, bridges, town construction, civil construction, various types of cave construction, and so on. However, this concrete pump can only use commercial concrete, or there is a concrete mixer mixing concrete on site.But two…

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  • Trailed Concrete Pump

    Trailed Concrete Pump

    Trailed Concrete Pump is a kind of construction equipment that relys on pressure to transport concrete mixture through pipelines. It is equipped with special pipelines that can continuously and horizontally transport concrete along the pipeline. It is an ideal type of existing concrete transportation equipment.With the rapid development of the…

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  • Concrete Pump Truck

    Concrete Pump Truck

    Concrete Pump Truck is a machine that uses pressure to continuously transport concrete along the pipeline. It can transport concrete to a certain height, making up for the lack of height in other concrete pumps. Compared with other concrete pumps, the sky pump has its own boom, which can convey concrete without manual piping, which is very…

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  • Linear Concrete Pump

    Linear Concrete Pump

    The Linear Concrete Pump uses the advanced technology of concrete pump in the world standard, which is suitable for construction of large area, high efficiency in pea gravel concrete packing layer or mortar packing layer. It could greatly improve working efficiency and reducing labor intensity, which gets high praise of our customers over the…

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  • Concrete distribution booms

    Concrete distribution booms

    Concrete distribution booms is one kind of placing machine which cooperates the concrete pump on-site construction. It is composed of concrete delivery pipeline, grounding machine, undercarriage machine and slewing mechanism and so on.It can finish concreting pave by the slewing of concrete tip delivery pipeline and grounding machine within a…

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