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Trailed Concrete Pump

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We Camelway Machinery Design, Manufacture and Sell Trailed Concrete Pump and Related Construction Machines with competitive prices and guaranteed quality. We have customer stories across the south-east Asia and middle Asia, If you have any questions about this equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us!


How do think of this machine?

Trailed Concrete Pump is a kind of construction equipment that relys on pressure to transport concrete mixture through pipelines. It is equipped with special pipelines that can continuously and horizontally transport concrete along the pipeline. It is an ideal type of existing concrete transportation equipment.

With the rapid development of the construction industry, some small buildings appear like bamboo shoots after the rain, and large concrete pump trucks have obviously failed to meet the construction needs. In order to better apply these small buildings, small trail concrete pump were born. 

It is a highly efficient mortar delivery equipment. It is suitable for large-area and high-efficiency construction of fine stone concrete filling layer or mortar filling layer in underfloor heating engineering. It can also be used for engineering delivery of medium fine stone concrete and green soil in ecological environment establishment; pressure of various foundation pile grouting is used as a high-efficiency mortar delivery equipment for construction.

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