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Compact Concrete Mixing Plant


Cement and aggregates are thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Different mixing methods are used depending on the characteristics and type of concrete mix. If the concrete mix includes coarse-grained mobile mixes with aggregate from hard and dense rocks, then it is advisable to use gravity twin shaft concrete mixing plants.

In such equipment, mixing is carried out as a result of repeated dropping and lifting of materials from a given height during the rotation of the mixer drum.

Mixing of lightweight concrete and fine-grained mixtures is carried out in forced-action concrete mixing equipment. In this equipment, a homogeneous mass is obtained by mixing materials using paddles and other devices. Vibratory stirring is sometimes performed at enterprises. This method ensures the activation of the cement, which has a positive effect on the strength of the concrete.

The quality of this process directly depends on the duration. Insufficient duration of this operation can lead to deterioration of the properties of the concrete mixture.

compact concrete mixing plant configuration

Typically, compact stationary and mobile concrete plants use automated lines. Such lines include the following equipment:

  1. Silo for cement. 40 m3, 60 tons. 
  2. Aggregate batcher
  3. Belt conveyor. Productivity 50 m3 per hour. The diameter can be 200, 400, 500 mm. 
  4. Lift. 
  5. Reverse exit conveyor. 
  6. Rail loader. 
  7. Apron conveyor
  8. Cement and water batchers. 
  9. Control panel cab

How much is the compact concrete mixing plant ?

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