07:52:27 AM 1/19, 2021

How to Pack a Batching Plant in a Drailer


Now, the express delivery business is very developed. After ordering online, you can receive the goods the next day or even the same day. But for customers who buy a concrete mixing plant, this is really too difficult. As a large construction machine, expressing delivery of concrete mixing plant seems unrealistic.

Most people care about the installation and operation of the concrete mixing plant, usually the sales manager is responsible for the packing of the concrete plant. Especially for the concrete plant sent overseas, it is necessary to correspond to the shipping list in detail to deal with the customs inspection. For the delivery of concrete plant, it is necessary to estimate how many containers are required, and contact the freight forwarder. Contacting the trailer driver and arranging workers to pack the boxes.

If the components of the mixing plant are packed infrequently or incorrectly, it will bring great hidden danger to the later installation of the concrete mixing plant, ranging from project delays to serious personnel safety problems. In addition, reasonable use of container space can also save customers a part of freight.

With the development of society, I believe that in the near future, the express delivery service of the concrete mixing plant will be realized. Customers can check the packing situation of the plant and the driving route of the trailer at home by mobile phone at any time. No matter in Sri Lanka or anywhere else.

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