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Large Concrete Batching Plant for high-speed Railway


Recently, a set double hzs120 batching plant was successfully delivered. This concrete mixing plant serves the Guangshan High Speed Railway (Guangzhou to Shanwei). The total length of the line is 206.2km. There are 7 new stations on the whole line. The design speed of the railway is 350km / h. The estimated total investment of the project is 43.21 billion yuan and the construction period is 4 years. 

The line passes through many rivers and valleys that requires to build bridges to pass. The width of the bridge is 24 meters or 32 meters. Concrete needs to be poured into the mold on site, so efficient and high-quality mixing stations are essential. Once the concrete can't curdled correctly, that's will be a huge loss.

So what is the difference between a high-speed rail mixing plant and and ordinary concrete mixing plant?

1. High sttandard operation process 

It solves the problems often encountered in the work of the mixing station, such as noise, dust, sewage. The biggest source of noise at the work site is the loader. To minimize the impact on the lives of residents, it builds a livestock silo. It can ensure that the noise during working at night is not more than 50 decibels, which is the threshold for the human body to fall asleep.

In order to avoid dust flying, vehicles such as material trucks, mixing tank trucks, etc. must be cleaned before entering the working area, and the materials are placed neatly and uniformly. The batching plant uses an efficient dust removal system.

dust collector

Lay sewage pipes, merge the sewage into the sewage tank, and use five procedures to treat the sewage. High-speed railway concrete must use drinking water, sewage is strictly prohibited.

2. Accurate weighing in concrete mixing plant

For ordinary concrete mixing plant's weighing system, various kinds of materials are weighed separately. The high-speed rail mixing plant weighs the cement first, based on the weight of the cement, and mixes various corresponding materials. To ensure the accuracy of weighing, an electric cleaner is installed on the belt of the batching machine. It is strictly forbidden to mix materials when they are stacked.

electric cleaner

3. Cement silo

This mixing plant is equipped with 8 cement silos. In fact, 4 cement silos are enough. Why is this? Because the temperature is very high when the cement is driven in, it is usually used 2 days later. In order to prevent the construction workers from driving the cement into the wrong cement silo, the cement silo can only work after the right working card is accpeted.

material stock

4. Material audit

High-speed rail concrete must use natural river sand, and the approval of machine-made sand is very troublesome. When the river sand enters the warehouse, it needs to be compared with that in the sample box. Only the color, size and composition pass the standard that can be entered into the warehouse. After entering the warehouse, it will not be used immediately, but only after being accepted by relevant professionals.

There is also a Cistern cooling system to cool the water in summer, in a word, Concrete Batching Plant for high-speed Railway is really complicated, if you want to know more, I suggested you leave your contact message.

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