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Skip Concrete Mixing Plant for Sale


The difference between a fixed concrete plant equipped with a hopper elevator and a belt plant is that it does not have a long inclined conveyor, which can greatly save the area allocated to the concrete production site. This design allows the use of concrete factories in small buildings and production sites that are constantly lacking in work space.

In addition to the difference in occupied space, fixed concrete plants with bucket elevators consume less energy during work, which greatly affects the final cost of the final product. All equipment in the skip concrete plant is placed reasonably and compactly in a small area. 

Reasonable design and ease of installation and operation have made the skip concrete plant widely recognized and become one of the modern standards in the field of fixed concrete production facilities.

The hopper used to supply inert materials has a special design to ensure the high reliability and operational safety of the entire equipment group, especially the feeding system. In the manufacture of the hopper, special double-stranded spiral cables and profiled steel with high technical parameters are used.

The only drawback of this design is considered to be the low feed rate. Generally, skip concrete factories are used in medium-sized factories, where the accuracy, reliability and durability of the structural units of concrete production are more important than the output. Therefore, in a sense, the relatively small output is not a disadvantage, but the starting point of the design is different.

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