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How Does a Concrete Plant Work ?


First, you need to prepare sufficient materials, such as sand, cement, stones, additives, fly ash, water, etc. Then put the corresponding materials into the batching machine, cement silo and water tank. Select the required concrete formula in the computer and turn on the control switch of the concrete mixing plant.

The concrete plant starts to weigh all kinds of materials automatically and transfer them to the mixer through the hopper or belt conveyor. Subsequently, the additives, cement, fly ash and water are also input into the mixing system after weighing.

When unloading, you can choose manual or hydraulic discharge, but if the working environment is cold, it is recommended that you choose hydraulic discharge to avoid excessively low temperature and freezing.

Finally, the tank truck receives fresh concrete and sends it to the work site.

Conclusion: The entire production process can be fully controlled on the computer. It should be noted that a reasonable hopper running time is set. This should take into account the difference in the height of the hopper and the time that the raw materials enter the hopper.

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