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HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant for Sale


The theoretical productivity of HZS90 concrete mixing plant is 90m3/h, also known as 1.5 square mixing plant. It is an economical mixing equipment designed by Hongbin Company based on the advantages of mixing plant and mixing plant and advanced technology. The 90 mixing plant greatly saves the investment of the unit's early-stage equipment, and can also ensure the progress of the project. The modular structure design makes installation and migration more convenient. It is mainly composed of JS1500 twin-shaft forced mixer; PLD2400 batching machine, belt conveyor, cement warehouse, screw conveyor, automatic control system, weighing system and other supporting equipment. Simple operation, high production efficiency, stable operation, good mixing effect and more convenient maintenance. 90 concrete mixing plant is not only suitable for large-scale projects, but also widely used in the construction of medium-sized projects. 90 concrete mixing plants are often seen in large and medium-sized projects such as concrete precast component plants, commercial concrete mixing plants, roads, bridges, dams, airports, ports, and hydropower. Silhouette.

Mixing system:

◆90 concrete mixing plant adopts JS1500 double horizontal shaft forced mixer, which has strong mixing capacity, short mixing time, good homogeneity of the mixed concrete, high production efficiency, beautiful appearance and reliable performance.

◆The mixing system is composed of electric motor, planetary reducer, belt conveyor, transmission device, mixing device, mixing cylinder, oil supply system, etc.

◆It has a good mixing effect for plastic concrete, dry hard concrete and other types of concrete in other proportions. The upper cover is equipped with an observation window, an inspection door and a feeding device.

Batching and feeding system:

◆The batching and feeding system is composed of aggregate batching machine, weighing system and belt conveyor.

◆The matching batching machine of 90 mixing station is PLD2400, which can be equipped with 4 bins batching machine for 4 kinds of materials.

◆Using a large-width herringbone belt for feeding, and a pedestrian security walkway can be set up as required, with a large-capacity sand and stone storage bin on the top.

◆The operating process is: batching machine sand and stone bin → weighing hopper → horizontal belt conveyor → inclined belt conveyor → waiting bin → mixing host.

◆Belt conveyor is mainly composed of conveyor belt, supporting roller, transmission device, cleaning device, escalator, frame, etc.

◆After weighing, the aggregate is sent out by the horizontal belt conveyor, and then sent to the waiting bin by the inclined belt conveyor.

◆There are overhaul channels on both sides of the belt conveyor, and there is a chute below to prevent falling materials.

Weighing system:

◆The sand and gravel aggregate measurement of 90 mixing station is discharged from the batching machine to the weighing system, and then sent to the waiting silo through the belt conveyor;

◆Sand aggregate and powder are generally weighed by weight. The structure of sand aggregate scale includes belt scale and bucket scale; the structure of powder scale adopts bucket scale;

◆Mixing water and additives are generally measured with a flow meter or with a bucket scale.

Powder storage bin and conveying system:

◆The powder storage bin and conveying system are composed of cement bin and screw conveyor.

◆The running process is: powder silo → screw conveyor → powder weighing hopper → mixing host.

1. Cement warehouse

◆The cement silo is a steel structure, consisting of a cylinder, a bracket, a valve, an arch breaking device, a feed pipe, and a dust collector on the roof of the silo.

◆The powder is fed into the silo through the feed pipe by air pressure, and the pressure gas generated in the silo is discharged through the dust collector on the top of the silo.

◆There are upper and lower material level indicators in the cement silo, which can display the empty and full status of the silo.

2. Screw conveyor

◆Screw conveyor is responsible for conveying the powder in the powder silo to the conveying equipment of the powder metering hopper.

◆It is mainly composed of pipe body, inlet and outlet pipe, screw shaft, intermediate support seat, power transmission device, etc., with high transmission rate, good sealing performance, no dust pollution, and can be assembled in sections for easy transportation.

Fully automatic centralized control system:

◆Adopting high-precision batching control instrument, the batching is accurate and stable, the calculation method is reliable, and the error is effectively controlled. It has a fault diagnosis system that can guide and help users to troubleshoot; the storage and recall of formulas are flexible, and any formula can be recalled at any time. Dynamic panel display, can clearly understand the operation of each part. The intuitive monitoring interface can clearly and accurately observe the on-site work process and perform report printing management.

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