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Rebar Equipment

Rebar, also called reinforcing bar or reinforcement steel, which is a important tension device in reinforced concrete. Camelway manufactures and sells all kinds of concrete machine, it also sells rebar equipement to make the concrete have a better work performance, including the reinforcing bars cutting machine, reinforcing bars molding machine, reinforcing bars connecting machine, reinforcing bars prestressing machine.

  • Rebar Bending Machine

    Rebar Bending Machine

    Rebar bending machine is one of rebar processing machinery. The working mechanism is a horizontal working disc that rotates on a vertical axis. The steel bar is placed in the dotted line in the figure. The support pin is fixed on the machine tool. The center pin and the bending pin are mounted on the working disc. The disc rotates. At that time,…

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  • Rebar Cutting Machine

    Rebar Cutting Machine

    Rebar Cutting Machine is a tool used to cut steel bars. Generally, there are automatic steel bar cutters and semi-automatic steel bar cutters. It is one of the indispensable equipments for the processing of steel bars. It is mainly used for the fixed length cutting of steel bars in housing construction, bridges, tunnels, power stations, large-…

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  • Rebar Straightening Cutting Machine

    Rebar Straightening Cutting Machine

    Rebar Straightening Cutting Machine is easy to disassemble, easy to carry and install, and is equipped with a numerical control device, which can be positioned according to different requirements, quantities and lengths of customers. The straightening speed is fast, the cutting is error-free, no noise, no continuous cutting, straight Φ4-Φ14 coiled…

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As a professional concrete machine manufacturer, Camelway has focus on research and sell concrete equipment over 39 years, especially for Sri Lanka. It main products includs Concrete batching plants, Asphalt mixing plants, Block making plants, Concrete mixers, Concrete pumps and rebar equipment. If you need any of them, you can contact us to get the catalogue and quote, hope you well.